Nickel plating

An important work step is the nickel plating of various steel and brass parts. I nickel plated the bigger workpieces separately but used a special plating barrel for the smaller parts.

To ensure that a galvanic process will be successful it is very essential to degrease the metal parts first. There are different procedures: You can boil smaller metal parts in a degreaser liquid and can degrease them electrolytically afterwards. After this, you dip them in a suitable acid mixture to remove any oxide residue. Eventually, the parts can be electro-plated. It is crucial to rinse the parts most thoroughly between the single steps.

I nickel plate all the steel parts first before copper plating them. After the latter, I nickel plate them for a second time. The copper layer between the two nickel layers is a really good rust protection. A thin nickel layer alone does not necessarily prevent corrosion.

The barrel is made of plexiglass full of holes through which the electrolyte can flow in and out. A wiper motor drives the barrel.

After plating you have to rinse all the parts with hot water and, eventually, you have to dry them quickly to prevent staining.

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