The first assembly group I built was the plugboard. The number of the various parts was still manageable and except for some punching tools you do not need any special working methods.

I used Pertinax for the boards on which the digits were engraved by a CNC milling machine. For this, I wrote a special program for each digit.

For a plugboard you need 54 plug sockets and 116 nuts. These were made with a turret lathe as it worked much more efficiently than an ordinary one. The solder lugs were punched out of brass plates for which you need special tools. The shorting bars were also punched out and nickel plated afterwards. After assembling the plug sockets, the tension springs were mounted with the help of a hook and tweezers - a toilsome job.

After soldering the wiring harness and the strain reliefs, the back Pertinax cover plates were mounted.

  • 1_Enigma_Steckerbretter
  • 2_Enigma_Muttern
  • 3_Enigma_M4_Muttern
  • 4_Enigma_Werkzeug
  • 6_Enigma_Nachbau_Werkzeug
  • 7_Enigma_Nachbau_Bleche
  • 8_Enigma_Nachbau_Kurzschlussbleche
  • 90_Enigma_Nachbau_Steckerbrett
  • 91_Enigma_replica_steckerbrett
  • 92_Enigma_replica_Steckerbrett
  • 93_Enigma_Replica_Steckerbrett
  • 94_Enigma_replica_steckerbrett