Lamp panel

The lamp panel is only made up of a few parts. The most time-consuming part is the metal sheet into which the light bulbs are screwed. For this, I needed six special tools, e.g., an edge cutter, a drawing mandrel for the light bulb sockets and a special tap for E10 electric threads.

Here you can see how the drawing works:

The sheets were nickel platedĀ  and screwed onto the inside panels. The letters on ther information signs were engraved and filled in with red color; after that the signs were riveted onto the panel. The cable clips are still missing. They will be mounted after soldering the cable harnesses.

  • 1_E10_Gewindebohrer
  • 2_Lampenfeld_Bleche
  • 3_Lampboard
  • 4_Lampboard_mounting
  • 5_Lampboard_mounting
  • 6_Enigma_lamppanel
  • 7_Enigma_Lampboard
  • 8_Enigma_Lampenfeld