How it all started...

Some years ago I watched the movie Enigma on TV and got so excited that I decided to buy one. But soon I learnt that one could not often buy such a machine and if so for astronomical sums only. First I was highly disappointed, but then I thought: Could I build one myself? Yeah, why not?

After researching thoroughly and having been looking at a zillion photos but lacking any engineering drawings or plans I got started. The only real basis for my project was some old patent documents. About a year later my first Enigma was complete. To be honest, not exactly true to the original, but working and at first sight of pretty good quality.

  • 1_Enigma_Nachbau
  • 2_Enigma_Nachbau

I am an ambitious guy, so I decided to build a much better one. But where could I get the engineering drawings from? There was a simple answer: From an original Enigma. I found a location where there was a rare four-rotor Enigma (M4) and was allowed a week to disassemble, measure, sketch and photograph it. Back home, I had 260 sketches and a smart card full of photos - all in all, a brilliant basis for making a high-quality replica.

After creating a complete 3D model on the computer, I was finally able to start working.

  • 1_Enigma_M4_cad
  • 2_Enigma_M4_cad
  • 3_Enigma_M4_cad